Play Your Part


Elections are coming up and there are usually associated with fear and intimidation. Let these elections be with a difference. Let us all play our role as responsible citizens for the process to run smoothly and peacefully.

May all the various candidates observe the various by-laws concerning putting up  posters. You are aspiring to be in a leadership office and your worthiness can also be reflected on how responsible a citizen you are. Use tape and strings and not glue to allow the posters to be easily removed form poles and trees post-election. Let us not litter our cities with our flyers. Urge people to throw the flyers into bins soon after reading.

Let us also observe the regulations on campaigning. Let us do away with hate speech which promotes violence. Respect is mutual. Let us all respect each other regardless of our political affiliations. Let us not sabotage other political parties by removing their posters or putting our posters on top of theirs. Every Zimbabwean is entitled to supporting a political party of their choice and must not impose it on others. This should be a free and fair race and people should be in a position to freely choose who they want to represent them without fear.

In every race there will ultimately be winners and losers. As we all anticipate winning let us keep an open mind. Let us be willing to accept the final outcome and be prepared to work with whoever wins in the best interests of our country and the future generations.

To all the registered voters let us exercise our right. This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard. Every citizen of our country should exercise their right to vote regardless of their gender, race, religion, political affiliation or disability. Every citizen also has the right to represent their various constituencies so let us not discriminate each other on any basis be it gender, race, religion or disability.

When all is said and done let us remember that above all we are one family. Lets shun violence and not allow ourselves to be divided. We might have different political views but ultimately we are one. Let us strive to work together and build our nation Zimbabwe. Let us make this a better place for ourselves and future generations. Let us all vote in peace


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