Black or White



One of the most contentious issues is relations between black and white. The two colours appear to be polarised; at two extremes of the spectrum. One colour is used to represent good and the other the contrast which is evil. There seems to be no neutral ground as each side is conservatively absolute and always suspicious of the other. But the Golden question is will there ever be complete racial integration?


I have to admit the common stereotypes do not make it better. We are all different even within our own races. However being different doesn’t mean we should not get along. If you really take a closer look you notice how complimentary we are and we produce a smooth puzzle.


It starts with appreciating individuality. The fact that I have a unique DNA and fingerprints means there is only one “ me” on planet earth. This doesn’t make me superior to the next person. The only way we can then have harmony on our planet is if we then acknowledge that we are all unique then respect and appreciate each other.  The same applies across racial lines it’s just difference in skin pigmentation and probably socialization but we are all humans. Instead of propagating bad stereotypes which cause further division take time to know the next person. Assumptions are misleading. Learn their culture, way of life.  Such knowledge is useful in terms of how you will then relate. It helps explain certain attributes about the person’s character that you do not fully understand. Let us break the chain of racial discrimination and work together as one family.