The know us more than we are aware of

I was faced with a very moving scenario one morning when i was doing errands for my mother. I quickly went to my room then started pouring my emotions into my journal. I did not realise that my mother was by my door which was open by the way, smiling lovingly at me. When i looked up she said, “I knew you were going to write about that.” and this caught me by surprise. I spend a lot more time at school than home and i do not remember talking to my mom or showing her things i write about. My mother is not on any social media platforms and yet this side of me that i thought she never knew seemed to be obvious to her. This moment really meant a lot and made me realise how much our parents know us more that we are aware of. These are people who experienced my first movement, heard my first cry and probably changed my first diaper. They saw me struggle to sit until i could run. There have been there for almost all my life to date and witnessed my every transition. They knew and remember moments of my life that i cannot recall. And yet as i grow older i distance myself and accuse them of not knowing or understanding me……


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