unexpected syphilis strikes humanity


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infection (STIs) are infections that may result in a disease affecting the genital system. They are mainly passed from one person to another during sexual intercourse or any contact between the genitals including those of an already infected person. The name STI is associated with infections and STD is associated with diseases. STI is often used because they are some organisms such as chlamydia that can infect a person without causing the actual disease thus STI. A person may not have the symptoms that shows the disease but still has an infection that still needs to be treated.

Basing on current understanding of syphilis, it can be called both STI and STD. It is a bacterial infection caused by Treponama pallidium. Morphologically, T.pallidium is spiral shaped and has ability to barrow through skin. It shows the symptoms of infection (thus disease) as the…

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